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Merchant credit card processing with Passthrough Payments helps businesses of every size with payment processing products and services to meet every credit card processing need. Our comprehensive offerings serve all types of merchants from a startup business with a need for secure payment solutions, to an e-commerce retailer looking to streamline the checkout process for its website, or a B2B client looking for detailed customized reporting. We also offer in-store or on-the-go payment processing with our mobile solutions.

Credit card processing is a competitive industry these days so we at Passthrough Payments are constantly searching out better rates and easier solutions (even for our existing merchants). That is why Passthrough Payments has the absolute lowest merchant attrition rate in the industry. Some of our merchants have been with us 10 to 20 years. They stay with us because we form strong relationships between our staff and our merchants and our merchants know they can depend on us to make sure their funds are always available the very next day without interruption. 

Our team can analyze any competitors merchant statement within the hour and find the "hidden fees" that are typical in credit card processing.

If you are a merchant please reach out to us today or apply with us online. We will either save you money on your current credit card processing, let you know you already have an unbeatable deal, or we can make ALL your credit card fees just plain go away with our Zero Fee Program. 


Give us a call for a free quote.

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